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Directions on Red Hat     

The directionsonredhat.com web site is an independent source of information for customers and IT executives that desire additional clarity around Red Hat software, licensing, marketing and product strategies, competition, organization structure, and roadmaps for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat cloud computing, JBoss, and other Red Hat products and solutions. Our goal is to provide accurate information that is void of marketing hoopla. We view the directionsonredhat.com web site as a place where explanatory content around Red Hat is provided for customers and potential customers. directionsonredhat.com content is generally created by us; however, in some cases we will provide a forum for the publication of third party documents.

This web site is currently under constrution. Several of the pages will be more heavily populated after Red Hat Summit in Boston in early May 2011. The Offerings page and the Publications page are more up-to-date than the other pages. The publications cited on the Offerings and Publications pages were/are written by Dr. Bill Claybrook of directionsonredhat.com.

Bill Claybrook is President of directionsonredhat.com as well as New River Marketing Research (www.newrivermarketingresearch.com). He was a Research Director (analyst) at Aberdeen Group in Boston for more than four years covering Linux and open source and then spent several years as a competitive analyst, with a focus on Red Hat, and Linux product marketing manager at Novell. He retired from Novell in mid-2009 and returned to his company, New River Marketing Research, to resume work as a marketing research analyst. Bill holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science (Resume) and has been in the computer industry in various positions for over 30 years. He has worked with Red Hat in a number of ways over the past dozen years.

To contact us:
Email: bclaybrook@directionsonredhat.com
Phone: 978.793.1357